A proud contributor to the adobe stock premium collection

Very happy to announce you can now find my images in the Adobe stock premium collection. The coming months I will shoot exclusive content for the collection to extent the portfolio even more.

The Adobe Premium collection are around 100,000 hand selected images sourced from some of the world’s leading photographers and agencies. They are are bundled within ten thematic categories that span across lifestyle, wildlife, food and industrial photography, as well as galleries that showcase the work of individual contributors.

Adobe Stock Premium - Lobster

Bold move for Neolea - #getmoretaste

I love it when a client with a traditional product as olive oil goes for a totally different approach with their marketing assets. Got to shoot this series of the stylish Neolea bottle and especially the 'champagne' shot was an exciting one to do. Still wiping olive oil of the ceiling ;)! 



I love it when the food stylist brings her collection of cutleryporn with her on set. It was a wonderful day of shooting for Philips today. 


Do in Preau

A little while back my good friend and singer Do asked me to join her to Preau (France) for a week to record the writerscamp of her new album. In between sessions we did some portraits. 

New Website, New Blog

I'm very proud to present you my new website and update blog. If you are interested in the blog content from the last 3 years, you can find it here.