Anatomie van Smaak (Anatomy of Taste)

In January I’ve been travelling across the Netherlands to visit Hertog-Jan, Zuidam, Rutte and Hooghoudt brewery/distilleries for appendix ‘THE ANATOMY OF TASTE’ in the big national newspapers. Very happy with the painterly and moody light in this publication for Hertog-Jan Grand Prestige and see my stills and the portraits by Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk blend nicely.

‘THE ANATOMY OF TASTE’ is taking lovers of two traditional Dutch quality products: beer and jenever onto a journey. What will happen if you combine the knowledge and craftsmanship of a master brewer and three master distillers of Dutch jenever? It’s Hertog-Jan grand Prestige.

client: Hertog Jan, agency: de Persgroep, post: Studio Aico

Cookies My Favourite Cookie

Sometimes you just need some cookies on a white background, this time for McVitie’s. I wanted these cookies to have some crumbs too, because that’s what cookies do!

So cool to see these come alive in the ‘Life Tastes Better with Mc Vitie’s’ campaign on the streets of Amsterdam.

client: McVitie’s, production: Nosh Foodfilms, foodstyling: Oliver Knight, post: Studio Aico


Kaleidoscope of Strongbow Flavours

Yay! For the kaleidoscope of Strongbow flavours I had in front of my lens. Strongbow is the highest selling cider in Australia, second highest in North America and getting more and more famous in Europe. You can drink Strongbow from early morning till late at night. Check out the films (director: Jorrit Stollman) who really made this concept come to life!

client: Heineken/Strongbow, agency: Cloud Factory, creative-director: Jessica Kersten, production: Nosh Foodfilms, beverage styling: Culi Eye, post: House of Retouch

Very happy with the details on these bottles, great work by the stylist and retoucher.

Omoda Store for Piet Boon

Very happy to show these interior shots for Piet Boon who designed the fresh looking Flagship Store for Dutch Shoe Retailer Omoda in one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful parts of town, the Museum Quarter.

Urban Garden for Ketel One

Vodka, I love it! We shot key visuals, moving bilboards ánd I got to direct some mouth watering serve films for Ketel One. The talented set dresser Wouter Jansen made us an urban garden so we had the perfect backdrop to place our hero product and models (who didn’t make the cut).

client: Diageo, agency: The Brave new Now, art-director: Gillian Glendinning/Roger Leebody, production: Nosh Foodfilms, beverage styling: Cocktail Professor, food styling: Oliver Knight. post: Studio Aico

Shooting Cheese & a Model in a Meadow

The past two years I've been shooting full photography productions increasingly more simultaneously with film. In April Swiss based OnFilm AG took us to Palma - Mallorca to shoot for Tartare, where at that time of year we could find a nice and green meadow. Although it's always exciting to join the two merits photography and film, we had a wonderful day in the sun. All went smooth thanks to the great team.

client: Savencia Fromage & Dairy, agency: Notch Interactive, art-director: Gabriel Schuster, production: OnFilm AG, model: Naomi Trachsel, foodstyling: Oliver Knight. post: Fisk-Imaging


Heinz Favourite Foodie 2018. It's On!

Who's going to win the Heinz Favourite Foodie Contest 2018. Is it The Messy Chef, The Sandwich Formule, FoodBlaBla, Dishtales or the BBQ Basterd? Good luck foodies! It was great fun shooting your portraits for this campaign.

Client: Heinz NL , Agency: Boomerang Motion, Creative: Matthijs Vrooijnk, Executive Producer: Fikret Fetahovic


Heinz, Heinz, Heinz!

On the cold morning of 12 December, the slipperiest day of the year 2017, we headed out to Eindhoven to shoot Heinz [Seriously] Good Pastasauzen (only allowed to eat it with 2 Fingers) to accompany the new TVC.

Client: Heinz NL , Agency: Boomerang Creative, Creative: Keyhé Delsing, Executive Producer: Kim Trap

Basically, some great and delicious recipes video's from Bon Appétit

I really enjoyed watching these very basic, step by step and delicious video's from Bon Appétit.  They went to great effort to make it as easy as possible for your to create these dishes too. With a very handy ingredients list, pictures and check-off possibility. If there's any equipment needed you can also find a link to buy it online. One of my favourites is the 'Easy steak with pan sauce'

A proud contributor to the adobe stock premium collection

Very happy to announce you can now find my images in the Adobe stock premium collection. The coming months I will shoot exclusive content for the collection to extent the portfolio even more.

The Adobe Premium collection are around 100,000 hand selected images sourced from some of the world’s leading photographers and agencies. They are are bundled within ten thematic categories that span across lifestyle, wildlife, food and industrial photography, as well as galleries that showcase the work of individual contributors.

Adobe Stock Premium - Lobster

Bold move for Neolea - #getmoretaste

I love it when a client with a traditional product as olive oil goes for a totally different approach with their marketing assets. Got to shoot this series of the stylish Neolea bottle and especially the 'champagne' shot was an exciting one to do. Still wiping olive oil of the ceiling ;)!