Urban Garden for Ketel One

Vodka, I love it! We shot key visuals, moving bilboards ánd I got to direct some mouth watering serve films for Ketel One. The talented set dresser Wouter Jansen made us an urban garden so we had the perfect backdrop to place our hero product and models (who didn’t make the cut).

client: Diageo, agency: The Brave new Now, art-director: Gillian Glendinning/Roger Leebody, production: Nosh Foodfilms, beverage styling: Cocktail Professor, food styling: Oliver Knight. post: Studio Aico

Shooting Cheese & a Model in a Meadow

The past two years I've been shooting full photography productions increasingly more simultaneously with film. In April Swiss based OnFilm AG took us to Palma - Mallorca to shoot for Tartare, where at that time of year we could find a nice and green meadow. Although it's always exciting to join the two merits photography and film, we had a wonderful day in the sun. All went smooth thanks to the great team.

client: Savencia Fromage & Dairy, agency: Notch Interactive, art-director: Gabriel Schuster, production: OnFilm AG, model: Naomi Trachsel, foodstyling: Oliver Knight. post: Fisk-Imaging