Anatomie van Smaak (Anatomy of Taste)

In January I’ve been travelling across the Netherlands to visit Hertog-Jan, Zuidam, Rutte and Hooghoudt brewery/distilleries for appendix ‘THE ANATOMY OF TASTE’ in the big national newspapers. Very happy with the painterly and moody light in this publication for Hertog-Jan Grand Prestige and see my stills and the portraits by Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk blend nicely.

‘THE ANATOMY OF TASTE’ is taking lovers of two traditional Dutch quality products: beer and jenever onto a journey. What will happen if you combine the knowledge and craftsmanship of a master brewer and three master distillers of Dutch jenever? It’s Hertog-Jan grand Prestige.

client: Hertog Jan, agency: de Persgroep, post: Studio Aico